Antique Tractor & Engine Show


1783 State Route 60
Ashland, OH 44805

This is by far our big event each year, and is held the second weekend in July. Each year, we feature a diffferent brand of tractor. This does not mean that this is the only brand on display. Some members have displayed their equipment every year since we began in 1991.

After several years of displaying equipment only at the Ashland county fair, the decision was made to have an independent show. The first shows were quite meager, but through the experience gained, it has evolved into one of the finer shows in the area.

The show is held on the Ashland county-West Holmes Career Center grounds, which through the process of mutual cooperation with the club, has been developed into an excellent facility for the show. The entire show is geared to the display of materials and equipment which can be appreciated by fellow exhibitors and the viewing public. There is no competition for equipment displayed. The goal is to have the best show possible for the benefit of the most people. The participating members extend a sincere welcome to anyone that has an interest in farm and power equipment of the past.

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