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Whether you’re here for a concert or a festival, a conference or a bicycle tour, you’re going to work up a hearty appetite in Ashland County. Half the fun of traveling is eating, right?

Well, fear not: Small town doesn’t mean small taste.

Ashland’s got something for every palette and every situation, whether you’re looking for a quick bite at a fast-food joint or a leisurely sit-down meal at a local eatery.

Kick off the day at Downtown Perk, savoring a mug or two of joe—and maybe just letting breakfast roll into lunch.

Ashland Ohio Winery  Restaurants in Ashland Ohio  Restaurants in Ashland Ohio

And speaking of lunch—and dinner, for that matter—you can pursue all sorts of flavors amid Ashland’s restaurant lineup: from barbecue to Mexican, from Chinese to steakhouse fare. Enjoy some crowd-pleasing pub grub or pizza, or sit down to fine dining.

It’s not difficult to track down dishes that spotlight the bounty of our local farms: “Eating local” is a beloved, longtime tradition here in Ashland County.

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There’s nothing like toasting a day of sightseeing, adventuring, or festival-going in Ashland County than with a glass of wine or a sudsy pint of craft beer at Uniontown Brewing Co., Ashland’s very own downtown brewery. 

 ashland ohio ice cream shops

 A frozen treat on a summertime afternoon? Don't resist -steer your way toward Eva's Treats or Yoder's Red Barn Ice Cream. For snacks and artisan products, meanwhile, Grandpa's Cheesebarn is a tried-and-true crowd-pleaser.


The take-home message? Great things come in small packages. Tasting Ashland County tends to be one of the highlights of any visit. Bon appetit!

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