Local Roots: Cultivating Community

By Samantha Holzman

April 3, 2018

According to their website, “Local Roots is a unique type of market, first established in Wooster, OH in 2009. Local Roots Ashland opened in 2012, bringing the convenience of a year-round outlet for Ohio products to our community.”

I was able to sit down with manager Veronika deSalgado, and chat with her about Local Roots.



Describe what Local Roots is

“Local Roots is a marketplace where local farmers and artisans and craftspeople are able to connect with local consumers. The idea is to have as few steps between a person and their food as possible. This benefits the local economy, it benefits the local growers and local consumers because farmers can grow their produce, consumers know their grower, how it was grown, and there’s an accountability of the food and a sustainability of the food and the land”.


Local Roots proudly offers a wide variety of products and items:

  • Fresh, seasonal produce including heirloom, organic, and chemical-free varieties
  • Frozen meats from grass-fed beef to pastured pork, poultry, and lamb
  • Freshly baked bread, sweets & snacks, gluten-free options
  • Locally made jams & jellies
  • Maple syrup & raw honey
  • Grass-based milk & gourmet cheeses
  • Cage-free & pastured eggs
  • Handmade arts & crafts

One-of-a-kind gifts such as greeting cards, pottery, dog treats, chocolates, hand-painted signs and stones, upcycled items, crayon holders, dishcloths, crocheted items, placemats, table runners, baked potato cooking pockets, jewelry, hand carved wood, and baskets



“98% of what we have is local to Ohio - the other 2% is from small family farms in other states that simply can’t be grown here, such as rice, lentils, quinoa, and coconut oil,” she says. “There are all types of items in here and there are new items in here all the time”.


Why is Local Roots beneficial to Ashland?

Veronika says, “We really are cultivating community. We want there to be that ability for the local consumers to connect with the local farmers. We have customers request items like artichokes and we have the ability to ask our farmers if they can grow it next season. It’s great to get the food you want and know where it was grown and know what is in it and what conditions it was grown under and who grew it. We’re about service and making sure the community is served by making sure the community has local-based food.”


How can people get involved?

Veronika says, “Become members, shop more here and buy seasonal produce. Come in and see what we have to offer, lend a hand here and there, and become a part of the big solution. Become conscientious of what you’re eating, where it’s from, and the more the community is helped, the more we’re helped. The more people we have involved, the better we can serve.”


Local Roots is located at 1221 Cleveland Avenue in Ashland and is open daily from 11am to 6pm. For more information, visit the Local Roots website at http://localrootsashland.com/ or call at (419) 207-0300.




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